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.ORG.UK Domain Names is pleased to offer registration services for .ORG.UK domain names. .ORG.UK is the domain extension for United Kingdom and can be registered by following the steps below:

1. Enter the .ORG.UK domain you want to register into the text box below.
2. Click the Search button to check availability.


.ORG.UK Domain Name Information

If you have any questions regarding the registration process for British domain, don't hesitate to contact us.

British Domain Name Registration Infomation

Country: United Kingdom

Nationality: British

.UK Availability

Top level .UK domains are a recently launched namespace and as a result many generic and valuable domains are still available to register. However Nominet, who are .UK governing body, has restricted the registration of top level .UK domains until 2018. They can still be registered but only if there's no existing second level .UK domain (.CO.UK, .ORG.UK etc) that was registered before the 10th June 2014. If there is then only the owner of the second level .UK domain can register the Top level .UK domain.

Example 1:
You want to register and it is shown as available but was registered in 1998. As a result you'll be unable to register unless you're the owner of

Example 2:
You want to register and it is shown as available. is also shown as available so you should have no trouble registering

The rule of thumb for accurate .UK domain registrations is to use the default search options and search for all possible United Kingdom domains. If all domains ending in .UK show as available then you'll have no issues registering the top level .UK.